Prime Markets - Innovative Materials

Prime Applications in Search of Flextegrity’s ‘New Materials’ Solutions:

•‘3-D Structural Elastics’:  strong flexible joints/connectors for ‘thick’ dimensional surfaces/elements that need to bend or be held in continuous tension; adapts to fluctuations in expansion/contraction due to temperature and pressure changes without damage; self-draining; buildable at any scale

•Underlayment/Reinforcement for Longer-lasting Paving/Sidewalks:  tough, resistant to damage by temperature extremes, porous for drainage of stormwater and natural percolation of petroleum-based pollutants, rapid “unibody” installation of panels and rolled goods that can be custom-sized and produced to specifications off-site

•Advanced Geo-textiles:  extremely strong web-like structures for stabilization of soil, slopes; permeable and self-draining; 3-D geometry enables embedding of functional elements such as plant seeds, fertilizer, water-storing gels, weed suppressors

•Home Landscaping/Paths/Driveways/Fencing: strong, porous 3-D scrims to replace heavy, expensive, time-consuming methods of preparing durable self-draining underlayment for hardscape (pavers/bricks) or natural materials (gravel/wood chips); can function as a matrix to stabilize loose materials especially on sloped surfaces; ideal for light, strong, weather-proof, easily installed fencing material; can be covered with composite “tiles” or a tough continuous “skin” to achieve additional aesthetic and performance effects

•‘Intelligent’ Textiles/Materials:  ability to incorporate functional elements such as circuitry, conductivity, lighting, sensors directly into intrinsic material structure, enables a single integrated layer of material to efficiently perform multiple functions

 •Systems-Built Housing:  enables ability to “custom-knit” lighter, stronger, safer, more portable structures in a controlled factory setting; customizable for function and aesthetics

 •Aviation/Marine Applications:  high potential strength-to-weight ratio, flexibility, structural integrity that accompanies the geometry is ideally adaptable to use of state-of-the-art light and strong composite materials

 •Nano-scale Materials:  potential for extremely thin/strong 3-D membranes, self-assembling at molecular scale by leveraging electro-chemical and other bonds.

•Art/Décor:  ability for amateur and professional artisans to create unique, personalized geometrical constructions that might include conductive connectors, transparent/translucent icosahedron components, and LED/fiber-optic elements for use as a lighting device

•Bio-Materials and other Medical Applications: components for artificial body materials that need to emulate the strength of bone, flexibility of muscles and connective tissue, and physio-electronic conductivity of nerves.