Product Benefits



FlexBlox Solutions brings these important advantages to project design and implementation:

  • High strength-to- density ratio
  • Omni-axial permeability for vertical and lateral drainage
  • Customizable flexibility/stiffness gradients in three dimensions
  • Pre-fabrication potential maximizes onsite installation efficiency
  • Easily constructed in limited right-of-ways with less weight, lower environmental impact and reduced need for heavy equipment
  • Aggregate infill is not required to achieve high resistance to compressive forces
  • Multi-axial tensile ‘web’ creates superior resistance to shear forces
  • Optimal frictional interaction with surrounding surfaces and infill materials
  • Easily inventoried and handled
  • Installation in any temperature or weather conditions
  • Installations may be permanent or reusable/transportable
  • No leachates
  • Predictable, engineered material behavior

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