Key Applications


Flextegrity’s FlexBlox Solutions system brings new solutions for storm- water infiltration, slope protection, load support, earth retention, channel preservation, vegetative protection, and concrete strength enhancement. The ability to selectively control ductility and elasticity within a single block of the material also introduces opportunities to creatively solve problems related to seismic movement and dimensional changes due to seasonal weather patterns.

•Ground Stabilization/Load Support Systems
Slope Protection / Erosion Control
•Earth Retention Systems
•Seismic Energy Mitigation
•Bio-Sensitive Pipe Support
3-D Elastic/Expansion Joints

The FlexBlox Solutions system’s strong but permeable internal architecture provides a natural filter for storm runoff by providing infiltration and the opportunity to trap sediments/pollutants on-site, in contrast to hard armor methods which allow little or no water infiltration and/or pollutant removal.