Flexible Alternatives to 'Stone-Piling'

FlexBlox truly represents a new paradigm in building materials!

The ability to selectively control ductility and elasticity within a single block of the material introduces opportunities to creatively solve problems related to seismic movement and dimensional changes due to seasonal weather patterns.

Seismic Energy Mitigation:  The FlexBlox macro-architecture holds promise in decoupling a building’s structure from the shaking ground and reducing earthquake-related damage through its ductile properties, energy-absorption potential, and ground stabilization capabilities.

Bio-Sensitive Pipe Support:  Flextegrity’s material architecture enables design of dynamic, resilient load support systems in earthquake-prone and other challenging environments that require drainage such as permafrost, wetlands and sand.

3-D Elastic/Expansion Joints
:  When engineered into bridges and other structures, Flextegrity’s advanced polyhedral materials have the capacity to bear substantial stress loads, yet absorb seismic and temperature-related dimensional changes.