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Today's structural and environmental challenges demand new and better solutions!

Flextegrity’s FlexBlox system brings new solutions for stormwater infiltration, slope protection, load support, earth retention, channel preservation, vegetative protection, and concrete strength enhancement.

Ground Stabilization/Load Support Systems:  The FlexBlox system’s internal architecture and multi-axial tensile ‘web’ resists shear failure and limits lateral movement of aggregate infill without compromising permeability. It provides superior load distribution over weak soils, reducing contact pressure on unstable subgrades.

Slope Protection / Erosion Control:   FlexBlox is ideal for protecting channels exposed to severe erosive conditions while maintaining natural permeability. When strategically integrated with conventional protection materials such as concrete, aggregate, rip-rap and vegetation, FlexBlox’s intrinsic tensile network improves their performance under hydraulic stress.
Earth Retention Systems:  The FlexBlox system’s structural properties are excellent for steep front-face vertical applications such as highway embankments in challenging sites with limited right-of-ways and unstable subgrades.  Enhanced design flexibility and aesthetics are possible because of the porosity and potential for a completely vegetated face.