Development Status

 As intriguing as the original Flextegrity geometry was in the abstract, we quickly yearned for the tangible in order to explore the potential applications of the architecture.  After an intensive but fruitless worldwide search for hand-sized connectable icosahedrons, we designed and produced our own extensive kit of 'balls and sticks' at a scale that was easy to handle. Simply, we needed to build models to better understand the geometry's behavior. 

A variety of arrays in various weaves and flexibilities have been constructed.  We are currently in the 5th generation 'Florets' of prototype development.  To view some of our early model-building efforts right on through to our current designs, please check out our Galleries.
As indicated, I am now in the fifth generation of molded artifacts. Although I request low production volumes I have acquired a considerable collection of very instructive conceptual materials. These 'concept elements' are available through the store.

Mathematical modeling and preliminary finite element analyses (FEA) of specific configurations have been conducted, with ongoing work in progress.

Flextegrity, Inc. launched its first-generation commercial product, FlexBlox™ Solutions, at StormCon ’07, the largest stormwater pollution prevention conference and trade event worldwide. The FlexBlox™ system offers innovative solutions in the areas of ground stabilization/load support, erosion control, and earth retention to the rapidly growing stormwater pollution prevention industry.  Find out more about FlexBlox™ Solutions here >>>